What is Jolt?

Jolt is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs.

$app = new \Jolt\Jolt();
$app->get('/hello/:name', function ($name) use ($app) {
    echo "Hello, $name";

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  • Powerful router

    • Standard and custom HTTP methods
    • Route parameters with wildcards and conditions
    • Route redirect, halt, and pass
    • Route middleware
  • Template rendering with custom views
  • Flash messages
  • Secure cookies with AES-256 encryption
  • HTTP caching
  • Logging with custom log writers
  • Error handling and debugging
  • Middleware and hook architecture
  • Simple configuration


PHP 5.3.0 or newer

How I can use it?

Follow the Install instructions.

More documentation is coming soon, along with a few handy tutorials. :)

How can I report a bug?

I'm a human, a human can make some mistakes. You can report it me via Mail or contact me at the social networks (on the right side).

Where did the name come from?

Years ago, when I first started my software development career, there was a coffee shop between the nearest bus stop and our office, they served what they called a Jolt:

  • triple shot of expresso
  • Shot of caramel
  • Poured over ice.

This served as my wake up for many years, and continues to be a regular drink I get in the morning before some heavy coding.